A Proven Solution for Managing Open-angle Glaucoma
Selecta® ll

An ophthalmic laser system specifically designed to treat open-angle glaucoma through Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)
  • A lightweight, portable Q-Switched frequency-doubled solid-state 532 nm laser
  • 3 nanosecond pulse duration confines thermally mediated damage to selectively targeted pigmented cells, without creating collateral damage to surrounding tissue
  • Fixed 400-micron spot size facilitates effortless delivery of energy to the trabecular meshwork
  • The laser head design provides convenient coupling to most Haag- Streit style slit lamps
  • Intuitive remote control allows easy view and adjustment of treatment parameters
  • Plugs into standard 110 V or 220 V electrical outlets
  • Nearly 5 years of clinically proven performance ensures high quality and reliability
Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)

A proven solution for managing open-angle glaucoma
  • Reduces IOP by improving aqueous outflow
  • No adverse systemic side effects commonly associated with medications
  • Effective as primary, adjunct and repeat therapy
  • Assures patient compliance
  • Proven long-term efficacy
  • Lowers the need for cost-prohibitive drug therapy

Technical Specification

      Laser System   Q-Switched, frequency-doubled Nd:YAG; 532 nm wavelength  
      Pulse Duration   3 nanoseconds  
      Repetition Rate   3 Hz  
      Energy Settings   0.30 to 2.0 mJ  
      Pulse Setting   Single pulse-on-demand  
      Spot Size   400 micron  
      Spot Profile   Gaussian  
      Aiming Beam   Diode laser; coaxial, 635 nm wavelength, variable intensity  
      Laser Delivery   Compatible with most Haag-Streit style slit lamps  
      Cooling System   Air convection  
      Power Requirements   120-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, switchable input  
      Dimensions   Laser Head: 3.7 cm x 17.8 cm x 29 cm; 5.4 in x 7 in x 11.4 in (H x W x D) Power Supply: 43.2 cm x 30.5 cm x 21.6 cm; 17 in x 12 in x 8.5 in (H x W x D)  
      Weight   11.34 kg or 25 lbs
(system weight excluding power supply, slit lamp and table)
      Optional Accessories   Latina SLT Gonio Lens Lumenis Slit Lamp (Biomicroscope)  

*all specifiations subject to change without notification