Novus® 3000
A fully-integrated system designed to be the complete O.R. laser solution

  • Diode-pumped solid-state laser technology
  • Delivers 3000 mW of 532 nm laser energy
  • Dual-fiber port (standard)
  • Two dedicated illumination sources, LIO and illuminated endo probes
  • Customizable treatment settings (memory locations)
  • Compatible with surgical microscopes, standard and coaxial LIOs, slit lamps (biomicroscopes) and endo probes
  • Intuitive color touchscreen and LCD remote control (standard)
  • Integrated storage for an LIO, remote control, foot switch and accessories
SureSpot™ Optics
Safety. Precision. Titration.
All Lumenis LaserLinks are designed with SureSpot optics, which provide low power density on the cornea, while maintaining a sharp spot on the retina. Lumenis patented optics offer true 50-micron spot size for optimal laser therapy. In addition, moving the slit lamp anteriorly or posteriorly allows fine adjustments to spot size and energy density, enabling the surgeon to create individualized laser treatment (titration).
Endo Probes
Full range of surgical handpieces are available: Standard, Illuminating and Aspirating endo probes.
Eye Safety Filters
  Remote Control

Change all treatment parameters via integrated color touchscreen control or color LCD remote control (included)
  Foot Switches

Three options available:
  • Standart - fires the laser
  • Smart - photoelectric eye moves physician safety filter in and out before firing the laser
  • PowerEase™ - allows surgeon to increase or decrease power with the tap of a foot

Technical Specifications

      Laser System   Diode-pumped solid-state  
      Wavelength   532 nm  
      Fiber Ports   Two  
      Illumination Ports   Two - Integrated (Endo Probe, LIO)  
      Power Settings   Range: 50 mW - 3000 mW  
      Pulse Duration   0.010 to 3 seconds  
      Repetition Rate   0.05 - 1.0 second  
      Spot Size   50 - 1000 microns with Z-1000 Link
50 - 500 microns with Haag-Streit LaserLink
      Aiming Beam   635 nm Red Diode  
      Cooling System   Air-cooled  
      Power Requirements   100 - 230 VAC 10%, 50/60 Hz; <10 Amps  
      Foot Switch Options   Standard, Smart, PowerEase™  
      User Interface   Integrated color touchscreen and/or color LCD remote control  
      Accessory Storage   Integrated; LIO pocket with protective cover
remote control pocket
eye drops holder
storage drawer
foot switch mount
cord management
      Delivery Systems   LaserLink Z-1000 Slit Lamp Adapter for
Zeiss SL130, 30SL, 20SL and 125SL
Haag-Streit LaserLink Adapter for 900BM & BQ
Standard and Coaxial LIOs
Endo Probes
      Accessories   Acculite™ Endo-ocular probes (Standard, Illuminating, Aspirating),
Physician Eye Safety Filters (Fixed, Moving, Automatic),
Endo Kits for surgical microscopes (Leica, Wild, Zeiss, Topcon, Moeller-Wedel)

*all specifiations subject to change without notification.