Static Vessel Analyzer
Combine high resolution digital imaging with the innovative applications of Retinal Vessel Analysis

Static Vessel Analysis and Digital imaging for fundus examination and documentation of results for the:
  • Examination of eye diseases e.g. diabetic retinopathy, AMD and glaucoma
  • Assessment of vascular risk and its progression in individuals (e.g. stroke risk)
Basic Functions
  • Static Vessel Analysis with VesselMap basic to determine a/v ratios (arteriovenous) in line with ARIC study
  • Fluorescence Angiography
  • High resolution color and red-free imaging
More Options
  • Additional VesselMap tools are available
  • Dynamic Vessel Analysis
  • Highest resolution imaging
  • ICG Angiography
The SVA Static Vessel Analysis line is your entry into the innovative field of vessel analysis.

imedos VesselMap basic enables you to determine a/v ratios in line with the ARIC Study by measuring the diameters of arteries and veins. The a/v ratio is a quantitative parameter to determine the vascular risk of individuals by categorizing them into risk groups. In combination with an individual's medical history and an evaluation of microvascular fundus results a valuable diagnosis can be offered trough your ophthalmic practice or clinic.

Especially in an interdisciplinary approach with internists and neurologists, optimized treatments for risk patients can be recommended and patients can be convinced of changing their lifestyle to reduce their vascular risks.
  Today several optional tools are available from imedos to further increase the diagnostic applications of your practice. imedos products are based on over 20 years of research in cooperation with universities in the field of Retinal Vessel Analysis. We are constantly working on further valuable tools. imedos modular approach to system design will enable future upgrading.
Besides Static Vessel Analysis the SVA line provides all the features of high resolution fundus imaging (e.g. Fluorescence Angiography)

All Software Tools are based on our Imaging Software Visual/S that will convince you and your staff bt its ease of use, its real time access to full scale images and its brilliance and quality.
Additional Features
  • All features od fundus camera
  • Easy, time saving, patient related image management
  • Digital image processing, analysis and archiving
  • Realtime access to full scale image
  • Error free picture transfer
  • Windows user interface / Network capability
  • Panorama images
  • Connectivity with practice software
  • Several easy to use export and import formats
  • Contrast/Brightness adjustability
  • Open for additional image sources (e.g. slitlamps)
Tehcnical Components
  • Mydriatic fundus camera
  • Digital high resolution color CCD camera
  • PC based imaging hardware