Spectralis is more than resolution...
Spectralis is more than fast...
Spectralis is more then SD-OCT...
  • Dual beam laser scanning for simultaneous imaging:
    • Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (cSLO) with up to 5 imaging modes: IR, FA, ICGA, AF, Red-free
    • Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomograph (SD-OCT)
  • Eye-Tracking:
    • cSLO recognizes eye movements and guides SD-OCT scanner to follow
Spectralis is more than 3D...
Spectralis is knowing location

Single Beam System : The scan location is not known if eye movement occurs.

Dual Beam SPECTRALIS® : The reference scan tracks eye movement, and the cross section scan is moved to match.
Eye-Tracker Controls Scan Location in Real Time:
Eye-Tracker Controls Correct Image Acquisition:
Heidelberg Noise Reduction Technology:

Heidelberg Noise Reduction Technology produces high resolution, high contrast images with less "speckle noise".
High Resolution Imaging with Eye Tracking:
Tracking Change over Time:
Repeatability of Retinal Thickness Map:

What’s wrong with the old OCT?

  • Hidden artifact – structure may be different than presented
  • Not simultaneous – B-scan may be in different location than reference image
  • No Eye-Tracking – Not good for LASIK, not good for diagnostics
  • (S)low resolution – Layers hard to identify for computer algorithms
Old OCT Does Not Stop Eye Movement:
Old OCT Does Not Register Images:
Eye-Tracker Stops 3-D Motion Artifact:
Spectralis Advantages:
  • Dual-beam real-time eye-tracking – OCT scanner actively follows eye movement
  • TruTrack™ – Automatic repeat scan positioning allows reliable follow-up
  • 40 kHz scanning – High speed allows to take more data and image larger volumes
  • Heidelberg Noise Reduction Technology – Overcomes the limits of "resolution"
  • Up to 6 modes – Multiple perspectives of the anatomy from multiple wavelengths
Spectralis - Ultra high resolution OCT
IR – Central Serous Chorioretinopathy
IR – Vitreomacular Traction
Select From Three Versions
2 modes   5 modes   6 modes
Infrared   Infrared   Infrared
-   Autofluorescence   Autofluorescence
-   Fluorescein Angiography   Fluorescein Angiography
-   ICG Angiography   ICG Angiography
-   Red-free   Red-free
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