The Modular Concept

With the rising demand for detailed fundus documentation the new HRC adds more functionality to the ophthalmologists office. A new small, light-weight and easy-to-use camera, the HRC, is a scanning digital ophthalmoscope that combines the advantages of scanning light technology and the conventional fundus camera. The retina is illuminated by a narrow slit, and the reflected images are recorded line-by-line by the CCD camera. This scanning principle results in high image quality by suppressing scattered light even in eyes with hazy media. Images are rapidly acquired in single or movie sequences either in color or angiography modes. Fields of view are 25° or 50° for both retina and anterior chamber. The HRC uses halogen illumination and requires no flash and thus is very comfortable for patients during acquisition. Your patients will feel the difference!

Add Functions Not Space To Your Office
By using the standard software platform, the Heidelberg Eye Explorer (HEYEX), the HRC connects to the existing patient database of HRT and HRA for more extensive patient management of retinal diseases. It is now possible to create a space and cost efficient device combination by connecting the HRC to the existing PC and table environment of the HRT or HRA and consequently complement diagnosis. According to the specific need of the practice the HRC is available as a stand-alone, can be mounted on a slit lamp or operated hand held.
Unique Scanning Slit Imaging With ColorART Processing Gives You The Technology Edge
  • Non-mydriatic color imaging
  • ColorART for enchanced quality
  • Movies up to 24 frames/s
  • No flash for patient comfort
  • Lightweight and compact
The Modular Concept - Advantages in Daily Practice
Non-Mydriatic Color Imaging ve FA
The HRC with a digital scan system is a mydriatic as well as a non-mydriatic fundus camera for various applications, including color images and angiography.
Different Imaging Modes