Spectral OCT + Simultaneous Angiography (FA+ICGA)

Bold new therapeutics for the retina demand bold new diagnostic tools. SPECTRALIS HRA+OCT is the first Spectral Domain OCT and Fluorescein Angiography system combined in one instrument. It is the fastest Spectral Domain OCT (also known as Fourier Domain OCT) in the world, and features Heidelberg Engineering's unique TruTrack™ image alignment technology. The result is a high-speed, high-resolution imaging system that precisely locates, aligns and tracks retinal structure, far beyond the capabilities of single light source devices.

Spectralis provides a full suite of diagnostic tools to match the new broad range of therapeutic alternatives for the retina from AMD to DME.



Four Light Sources. Six Modalities. Forty Thousand A-Scans Per Second.

SPECTRALIS HRA+OCT offers a wide array of viewing options delivering the ideal combination of maximum resolution, enhanced viewing of specific regions of the scan and powerful 3-D modeling capabilities. SPECTRALIS HRA+OCT creates real, detailed three-dimensional views.



Fastest Scan Speed - Unsurpassed Resolution

The blazing scan rate of 40,000 A-scans per second allows the SPECTRALIS HRA+OCT to capture incredible image detail, making it possible to distinguish such fine details as the components of the photoreceptor layer and more!



The Need for Speed
Heidelberg Engineering's faster scan speeds and exclusive TruTrack™ Dual-Wave technology enables constant alignment of images. The result is higher reliability of scan positioning minimizing the motion artifacts that plague other technologies.  

Color Modes

Images can be displayed in multiple viewing options including both RED (enhanced viewing of intra-retinal layers) and BLUE (enchanced detail around the RPE) scale color modes.


Gray Scale Modes

The Gray Scale presentations (both positive and negative) offer greater detail for the experienced user.



Clinical Images Simultaneous HRA and SD-OCT
Geographic Atrophy and Drusen (AMD)
Occult CNV with PED
Idiopathic Macular Telangiectasia


The All-In-One Tool for Retinal Imaging

Combining the features of the Heidelberg Retina Angiograph with high speed, ultra high resolution OCT, means that cross sectional images can be simultaneously mapped to any of these modalities: Fluorescein Angiography, Indocyanine Green Angiography, Autofluorescene, Red-Free or Infrared. One device can be used to track the early, middle, or late stages of a disease with patients sitting at a single station.

Fundus autofluorescence is playing an emerging role in detecting and tracking lipofusin concentrations as a potential early indicator of progression of geographic atrophy. Images of early AMD disease can be used alone or mapped cross-sectionally with OCT.

Gold standard Fluorescein Angiography can be used for baseline diagnostic assessment, then followed non-invasively with combined Infrared and OCT imaging. ICG Angiography (alone or simultaneous with FA) allows deep views of the choroidal vasculature and clear images of RAP which has been reported to have important prognostic value.